Welcome to the largest Chinese Bamboo Nursery - Yunnan Bamboo Nursery. Here you will find fresh bamboo seeds, seedlings and tissue culture plantlets all year round for bamboo plantation. YBN has bamboo plants for both landscaping and plantation in domestic market. But since 2014, YBN will focus on plantation projects in overseas market.

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Fresh bamboo seeds available in 2014: (pls send us email to check the latest supply)

Dendrocalamus asper  Dendrocalamus hamiltonii
Thyrsostachys oliveri  Dendrocalamus membranaceus cv. grandis
Dendrocalamus barbatus Bambusa 'longinternode' 
Phyllostachys pubescens (new in Aug) Fargesis species (new harvest in Sept)


Top 5 bamboo species for Bamboo shoot production at YBN:


Dendrocalamus brandisii Dendrocalamus hamiltonii
Dendrocalamus latiflorus Dendrocalamus asper
Phyllostachys pubescens  


Latest germination rate of our bamtoo seeds please write to us by email.

Top 5 Events at YBN:

1- YBN presenting on 2011 Annual meeting of American Bamboo Society on Bamboo Propagation and Application

2- YBN presenting on 2012 World Bamboo Congress on Bamboo Seeds and Propagation

3- YBN holding 2012 World Bamboo Training Course on Propagation and Plantation

4- YBN holding 2013 World Bamboo Training Course on Propagation and Plantation

5- YBN exclusive representative in South Africa and Italy